Extending the Theory Test Pass Certificate

The DVSA has been asked to extend the length of time that theory test pass certificates are valid for. It’s thought that thousands of learner drivers are dealing with test with pass certificates that could soon expire.

Recent lockdown restrictions have meant that the learner drivers are unable to take a practical driving test before their pass mark expires.

£1.1 Million Wasted

Petitions have been launched and driving instructors have contacted the DVSA to complain. It is thought that approximately £1.1 million has been wasted on expired on test pass certificates since March 2020.

If a learner driver wishes to sit a practical driving test, they must do so within 2 years of passing their theory test. Some learner drivers have found that their test pass certificates have expired through no fault of their own. This means that they will need to resit the test. However, this is easier said than done.

Thanks to the pandemic, up to 400,000 practical driving tests were placed on hold during the first lockdown. During the second lockdown in November 2020, more practical driving tests were delayed.

Research by an insurance company discovered that almost 49,600 theory tests certificates expired in the lockdowns. There’s also a potential that 14,000 more could soon expire.

A Huge Backlog

As the DVSA now has a huge backlog, more pressure has been put on them to reopen their theory test centres. It’s thought that existing learner drivers will also have to compete with other people. These are people who want a driving licence because they don’t wish to take public transport any more.

It is rumoured that the UK Government has been approached with a view to extending the test pass certificates’ dates.

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