Learning to Drive During the Pandemic

If you decide to start learning to drive during the pandemic, you cannot book driving lessons. However, a member of your household or a person from your support bubble can help you to practice driving. You must only learn during essential journeys such as travelling to work or to an education setting.

How Old do you Have to be to Learn to Drive?

You can start learning to drive when you are 17. However, you are permitted to apply for a provisional driving licence when you’re younger than 17. The youngest age that anyone can apply for this type of licence is 15 years and 9 months old.

If you have applied for or currently receive Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and you get the mobility component’s enhanced rate, you can drive when you’re 16.

Learning to Drive: The Rules

- Supervision and Rules

When you’re learning to drive, you must be fully supervised. A driving instructor or another person who has a full driving licence can supervise you.

You are permitted to drive at any time during the day and night.

The car you drive must display L plates.

You can only learn to drive on a motorway if:

  • You are driving in England, Wales, or Scotland
  • The car has dual controls fitted
  • An approved driving instructor is in the car with you

- Speed Limits

In England, Wales, and Scotland, you must adhere to the same speed limits as other drivers. In Northern Ireland, learner drivers must not travel more than 45 miles per hour.

- Learning to Drive in Scotland

You must wear a face covering during your driving lesson and practice lessons. The person teaching you to drive must also wear a face covering.

You still need to wear a face covering if you wear glasses.

The only reasons you don’t have to wear a face covering are:

  • Wearing one would cause you a lot of distress
  • You and the person who is teaching you to drive live in the same household
  • You have a mental or physical illness, disability, or impairment

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