About DVSA

What is the DVSA?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is a government body that:

  • Approves people so they can be driving instructors
  • Approves people so they can be MOT testers
  • Monitors the recall of vehicles

They also carry out:

  • Driving tests and tests that ensure buses and lorries are safe to be driven
  • Roadside checks on both vehicles and drivers

Who They Are

The DVSA ensure that every driver stays safe on Britain’s roads. They do this by helping drivers to keep their vehicle safe. They also work to ensure every driver is safe on the road and the also work to protect you from unsafe vehicles and drivers.

Those who work for the DVSA include a corporate service team, a customer service team, digital services experts, driving test examiners, licensing officers, registration officers, technology experts, traffic examiners, vehicle examiners, and vehicle standards assessors.

Their Responsibilities

The dvsa is responsible for:

Approving the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence courses for bus, coach, and lorry drivers. In addition to this, they also approve drink-drive rehabilitation courses.

Approving people so they can be driving instructors or motorcycle trainers. This ensures they always provide high-quality training.

Approving people so they can be an MOT tester. This also includes approving the MOT-testing centres that they work in. This ensures they carry out high-quality testing at all times.

Carrying out the driving theory test along with driving tests for those who would like to drive a bus, car, coach, lorry, motorcycle, or other specialist vehicles.Monitoring the recalls of accessories, parts, and vehicles so the issues are quickly resolved.

Working with the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This is to ensure companies who operate buses, coaches, and lorries are licensed and monitored. In addition to this, they also register local bus services.

Their Priorities

The DVSA also have a list of priorities, these include:

  • Detect almost 30,000 traffic offences and defects in roadworthiness.
  • Honouring 98% of the confirmed tests at authorises testing facilities
  • Increasing the number of times they act on serious fraud cases, negligence and dishonesty, with regards to MOT cases by 5%. This is compared to the number of cases in 2018-2019.
  • Offering 80% of all learner drivers a driving test appointment within six weeks of their requested date.

The DVSA does a lot more than offer the driving theory test, it works to keep drivers safe and ensure our vehicles are also safe.